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Premium Support Services is the ideal optimization offering for those enterprises that want a direct relationship with named technical professionals. It is a fixed cost, 12-month support service offerings offering that provides “white glove” services support.

Your premium team will have an intimate knowledge of your infrastructure and a professional relationship with key members of your IT team. Having direct access to your team will give you unparalleled confidence in your software-defined infrastructure and application delivery solutions.

Working with your premium team lets you minimize downtime and maximize performance.  Unparalleled reach into the SUSE product and engineering team helps you to:

Deliver faster time to value with optimal implementation of your SUSE solutions.
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Ensure business continuity with proactive maintenance and monitoring of your specific systems, infrastructure and business needs.
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Meet changing business demands while reducing costs with flexible and cost-effective support services offerings that provide exactly the level of support your business needs.


Premium Support Services provides proactive maintenance providing support services for business-critical production environments. The premium services team is backed by SUSE technical support, product management, and engineering.  Key benefits include:

Direct access to a named premium engineer

Direct access to a named highly experienced engineer. This engineer will know your team and your infrastructure. They will help you get up and running quickly, address changing IT needs, and provide proactive maintenance so that you can get the most out of your technology investment.

Direct access to a named service delivery manager

Your proactive business champion. Develop a close working relationship with your service delivery manager to coordinate services personnel, facilitate fast resolution paths, and discuss technology trends.

After hours access

亚博足彩app3 a.m. issues? No problem. With this key benefit you will always have access to a member of the premium services team that knows you, your infrastructure, and your business.

Response times tailored to your business requirements

IT disruptions can be costly to the business. That's why Premium Support Services offers rapid response times of as little as 15 minutes.

Onsite visits

亚博足彩appThere are times when collaboration is best done in person. For those occasions, we have built on site days into the Gold and Platinum tiers of Premium Support Services. On site days enable your premium team to come to you to share solution knowledge, best practices and even technology trends.

Scheduled standby

亚博足彩appGo-lives can be stressful. Get the peace of mind you need by having access to your premium team when you “flip the switch.” Get rid of those “go-live jitters” with scheduled standby.

Silver Gold Platinum
Named Engineer (hours per year)/Service Requests (number per year)
A prescribed number of dedicated hours with a named premium support engineer coupled with a defined number of service requests. Depending on the tier selected, you can use up to the number of hours allocated for the tier or up to the number of service requests allotted. As every service request takes a different number of hours to complete, you may use up less than the number of service requests but meet your allocated number of hours.
180 / 30 500 / 150 Exclusive / Unlimited
Service Delivery Manager
After Hours Access to Premium Team
After Hours Access to the Premium Services team. With this key benefit you will always have access to someone who knows you, your business and your IT infrastructure. Relationships matter.
Initial Response Times 60 minutes 30 minutes 15 minutes
Onsite Visits 4/year 4/week
Scheduled Standby Hours
Scheduled Standby for critical go-lives. When you have premium support services, you also have peace of mind when you go-live during nights or weekends. Scheduled standby hours must be preplanned a minimum of 2 weeks in advance and used in 4-hour blocks.
16 16
Service Reviews (per year) 2 4 12
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