Key Features

Optimize operations and reduce costs 亚博足彩app across retail environments and point of service devices by enabling IT administrators to automate Linux server provisioning, patching and configuration for faster, consistent and repeatable update deployments to the retail environment.

Boost IT efficiency 亚博足彩app with automated deployment of updates to the retail environment for faster, consistent and repeatable provisioning and configuration without compromising speed or security.

Enable safe deployment of store applications on a secure and compliant platform that ensures system compliance based on your own internal security policies.

Regain control of your retail environment infrastructure assets with the capability to quickly view all of your Linux assets and identify assets that need attention (e.g. needs a patch, goes offline, stops responding, etc.)

Reduce complexity by organizing your Linux servers into logical groupings for easier management – group or tag them with additional details (e.g. store or region location, vendor, CPU architecture, RAM, etc.)

SUSE Manager for Retail Reference Architecture:


Tech Specs


Multi-core 64-bit CPU (x86-64; IBM z Systems and LinuxONE; IBM POWER8 or POWER9 processor–based server in Little Endian mode)


Minimum 4GB for test, 16GB for base installation, 32GB for a production server


亚博足彩appMinimum 100GB for root partition; Minimum 50GB for /var/lib/pgsql; Minimum 50GB per SUSE product and 200GB per Red Hat product for /var/spacewalk

Success Stories

Pick n Pay

  • Provided centralised, automated management of an extensive POS estate, reducing time spent on maintenance and support, and improving control of business systems
  • Enabled an enhanced lifecycle management of entire infrastructure, with improved overview of configuration, software versions and status of POS devices at all retail locations
  • Improved system resilience: in the event of network problems, stores can operate business-critical systems independently of branch or administrative servers

Apollo Optik

  • Automated server deployment
  • implified and centralized systems, configuration and software management

Coop (Switzerland)

  • Enabled migration of 1,200 info terminals within 14 weeks
  • Provided a faster, more reliable platform for Java and web applications
  • Increased standardisation by running SUSE Linux Enterprise on both servers and info terminals in the shops

Rutrum Consectetur Lacus

  • Enables constant availability for point-of-sale (POS) systems
  • Drives cost-efficiencies with automated management of the POS landscape
  • Reduces manual effort with preconfigured, prepackaged software libraries
  • Pick n Pay
  • Apollo Optik
  • Coop (Switzerland)
  • Rutrum Consectetur Lacus

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