Key Features

Increase flexibility of system upgrade planning with an additional 12 to 36 months of service pack support. SUSE generally releases service packs every 12 months and supports previous service packs for 6 months after the release of the new service pack. You can extend your existing Standard or Priority support an additional 12-36 months in 12-month increments. Standard Support subscriptions provide 12 x 5 coverage with a 2-hour response time for critical issues. Priority Support subscriptions provide 24 x 7 coverage with a 1-hour response time for critical issues.

Maintain system consistency with up to 13 years of support for core server platforms including access to previously released patches.亚博足彩app Most SUSE server products have a 10-year lifecycle. If you need more than that, Long Term Service Pack Support provides up to 3 years of extended support, during which time you'll continue receiving security and maintenance patches as well as technical support.

Extend time for security patches of critical vulnerabilities and maintenance of critical non-security issues. You should only update your infrastructure when necessary, and on a schedule that works for your data center. During the extended support period, SUSE will deliver security patches for critical vulnerabilities, and maintenance patches for critical non-security issues. Software enhancement requests and new hardware enablement is only available for products under General Support.

Tech Specs

Long Term Service Pack Support is available for x86-64, z/Architecture and selected systems running on ppc64, ppc64le, and Arm processors.


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