Key Features

A Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) certified Kubernetes distribution, SUSE CaaS Platform automates the orchestration and management of your containerized applications and services with powerful Kubernetes capabilities, including:

Workload scheduling亚博足彩app places containers according to their needs while improving resource utilization

Service discovery and load balancing provides an IP address for your service, and distributes load behind the scenes

Health monitoring and management supports application self-healing and ensures application availability

Non-disruptive Rollout/Rollback of new applications and updates enables frequent change without downtime

Application scaling亚博足彩app up and down, accommodates changing load


In addition, SUSE CaaS Platform simplifies the platform operator’s experience, with everything you need to get up and running quickly, and to manage the environment effectively in production. It provides:

  • Application ecosystem support with SUSE Linux container base images, and access to tools and services offered by SUSE Ready for CaaS Platform partners and the Kubernetes community
  • Enhanced datacenter integration features that enable you to plug Kubernetes into new or existing infrastructure, systems, and processes
  • A complete container execution environment, including a purpose-built container host operating system, container runtime, and container image registries
  • End-to-End security, implemented holistically across the full stack
  • Advanced platform management that simplifies platform installation, configuration, re-configuration, monitoring, maintenance, updates, and recovery
  • Enterprise hardening including comprehensive interoperability testing, support for thousands of platforms, and world-class platform maintenance and technical support

Tech Specs

Minimal system requirements

亚博足彩app SUSE CaaS Platform is deployed as a cluster of server nodes, each of which is intended to host some number of containers as workloads. Each node must therefore meet minimal requirements for running the CaaS Platform software, and must also meet additional memory and disk requirements of the containers that will run simultaneously on the node.

Minimally, each physical server that will be included in the SUSE CaaS Platform cluster must meet the following system requirements:

  • Processor: Any AMD64/Intel EM64T processor
    Quad-core processors are recommended. 32-bit processors are not supported
  • Memory: 4 GB physical RAM per master node and 2GB per worker node
    Additional memory requirements are determined by the containers to be run on the node
  • Disk: 50 GB disk space per node
    Additional disk space requirements are determined by the count and size of container images to be run on the node

Supported environments

SUSE CaaS Platform can run on bare metal servers and on private cloud infrastructure resources.

  • Bare Metal: See the current list of support hardware platforms here
    SUSE CaaS Platform runs on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES). This means that SUSE CaaS Platform and SLE will always be supported on the same set of SUSE certified hardware platforms.
  • Private Cloud: VMware vSphere/ESXi
    Support for public cloud infrastructure is coming soon.

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