Key Features

Enables the exploitation of unique AArch64 capabilities on a well-established open source industry standard OS distribution with enterprise class security and superior support.

Supports advanced features of a broad set of 64-bit Arm processors亚博足彩app to deliver innovative open source storage, networking, and industrial automation solutions with a rock solid OS foundation.

Delivers an array of advanced tools to quickly compile, package and deploy Linux solutions for 64-bit Arm server and IoT systems accelerates time to market.

Tech Specs

SUSE partners with the following Arm processor providers to exploit and test unique AArch64 features:

  • Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)—Opteron A1100
  • Ampere Computing—X-Gene 1, X-Gene 2, eMAG
  • Broadcom—BCM2837*
  • Huawei—Kunpeng 916, Kunpeng 920
  • Marvell/Cavium—ThunderX, ThunderX2; Octeon TX; Armada 7040, 8040
  • Mellanox—BlueField
  • NXP—i.MX 8M; QorIQ LS1043A, LS1046A, LS1088A, LS2085A, LS2088A, LX2160A
  • Rockchip—RK3399
  • Qualcomm—Centriq 2400
  • Socionext—SynQuacer SC2A11
  • Xilinx—Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC

*For Raspberry Pi 3 B (SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for Arm 12 SP3) and Raspberry Pi 3 B+ (SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for Arm 15)

亚博足彩appNote: Please check with the specific hardware vendor for SUSE YES certification for the Arm processor in your solution. Due to the rapidly evolving availability of Arm System-on-a-Chip hardware, not all platforms have undergone the same degree of hardware testing.

The following Raspberry Pi 3 Model B/B+* I/O options are supported

  • HDMI
  • HDMI Audio
  • Raspberry Pi Touch Display
  • USB keyboard
  • USB Mouse
  • Ethernet
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • GPIO

SUSE depends on the source code for hardware drivers to be made available upstream to the open source community before they can be included in SUSE Linux Enterprise products. For this reason the following Raspberry Pi 3 features are not available:

  • Audio (through the jack)
  • Camera
  • H.264 MPEG

亚博足彩app*Raspberry Pi 3 B (SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for Arm 12 SP3) and Raspberry Pi 3 B+ (SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for Arm 15)

The following server systems are supported

  • Cray XC60
  • HPE Apollo 70

Minimum Hardware Requirements

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for Arm minimum hardware requirements are in the .

For full details on system and hardware specifications, please see our .

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