SUSE Identity

Our brand isn't what we say it is; it's what others perceive it to be. We need to beconsistent in how we describe SUSE, and we need to be sure our customers, partners,analysts and others describe SUSE the same way. We have designed and legallyprotected the zhidaidaquan.components to ensure our brand is perceived correctly. Followthese guidelines to correctly protect and use the SUSE brand.

LEGAL NOTICE:By downloading any SUSE branding element, you agree to use thedownloaded elements in accordance with the SUSE Branding Guidelines. Any improperuse of any of the branding elements on this site is considered a violation of theSUSE Branding Guidelines and is prohibited.
PARTNER NOTICE: If you are a SUSE Partner or working with a SUSE Partner, and you're using an image purchased by SUSE, you need to ensure that thephotography house understands you are doing so on behalf of SUSE and that allnecessary copyright license fees are met by SUSE.


Primary Identity

The SUSE logo is SUSE. It is our signature. The more we use itcorrectly, the more it accrues meaning and power. Use it wheneverpossible in marketing communications. Applying the SUSE logo inthe way it is defined helps SUSE stand out from the competition.Altering the logo in any way dilutes the brand and deprives us ofthat opportunity.

When necessary for clarity, the SUSE logo or chameleon mark maybe reversed out of a color or image.

Clear Space Requirements

亚博足彩appThe SUSE logo must have clear space around it. Always maintain aclear area, void of any imagery surrounding the logo. This area isdefined by the height of the SUSE type.

Logo with Tagline

亚博足彩appThe SUSE logo also has a variant that includes our corporatetagline: We adapt. You succeed.

SUSE Corporate NAME

亚博足彩appSUSE should always be spelled with all caps. Never lowercase the U(SuSE) or the entire name (suse).



Use this version in major corporate pieces and at scales where the tagline remains legible.

The SUSE logo can also be applied in black or reversed out in white.

Maintain the minimum space shown here or more and avoid surrounding the logo with other imagery or textures. Clear space is defined as the width of the inner shape of the logomark.


Place the logo on white or light gray background

Adhere to the minimum size of .75" without tagline

Adhere to the minimum size of 1.5" with tagline

Use one of two approved reversed versions

Do Not

Do not use any color other than authorized colors

Do not scale the logo with tagline below legible size

Do not modify the proportions of the logo

Do not alter the size of the mark in relation to the logo

Do not use the SUSE type without the Chameleon mark

Do not use an older version of the logo
The SUSE Chameleon Logomark

亚博足彩appThe "Chameleon" mark is a secondary identity. Although it is still accruing recognition as part of the SUSE brand, as a standalone element it quickly communicates in a simple, bold way. You should always use this logomark in conjunction with the SUSE logo, as people are still learning to see it as a representation of SUSE. Follow color and clear space requirements as noted in the SUSE logo specifications above.


Co-branded Lockups

Co-branded marketing communications—for products, solutions, events or promotions—require the SUSE logo to appear with other organizations' logos. The proper use of the SUSE logo is determined by whether the communication is from SUSE and another organization in an equal partnership, or from SUSE with a partner in a supporting role. If SUSE and another organization are in an equal partnership, the SUSE logotype is in its fixed position and the partner logotype or mark is placed to the right of SUSE on the same baseline separated by a vertical rule. If another organization is in a partnership with SUSE in a supporting role, place the partner logotype or mark below the SUSE logo with a horizontal rule between the two logos.


TypographyBack to top

Primary Font—Gotham

Gotham is the primary font used in all printed SUSE marketing and promotional pieces. There are 6 weights that can be used: Thin, Light, Book, Medium, Bold and Black.

Obtain Gotham
To request the Gotham fonts or for help with a marketing project, contact us directly at

Web Font—Gotham SS


Presentation Font—Arial

Arial is to be used in all electronic communications, including company presentations, documents and literature posted online and on web pages. Arial is available for PC, Linux and Mac.


Double-byte Fonts

亚博足彩appWhen localizing content in Japanese or Chinese, we use the double-byte fonts shown here. Please acquire these fonts below.


Typography Downloads

Color PaletteBack to top

Primary Colors

These are our primary corporate colors that should be used the majority of the time in branded assets.

Pantone 7488 U
CMYK: 61, 0, 87, 0
RGB: 2, 211, 95
Hex: #02D35F
Pantone 2955 U
CMYK: 100, 55, 10, 60
RGB: 13, 44, 64
Hex: #0D2C40

Preferred Colors

These are the go-to shades. They will feature in your publication or other asset, period. If you are producing something short and functional, like a presentation, then these are all you need.

Pantone 373 U
CMYK: 31, 0, 71, 0
RGB: 160, 255, 95
Hex: #A0FF5F
Pantone 7480 U
CMYK: 80, 0, 65, 0
RGB: 0, 192, 129
Hex: #00C081
Pantone 326 U
CMYK: 85, 0, 38, 0
RGB: 2, 164, 156
Hex: #02A49C

Secondary Colors

亚博足彩appThe secondary colors are used to complement the primary colors. They should be used in conjunction with the primary colors but not overpower or distort the color perception of the brand—which is SUSE Green.

Pantone 3105 U
CMYK: 60, 0, 14, 0
RGB: 113, 214, 224
Hex: #71D6E0
Pantone 306 U
CMYK: 79, 0, 6, 0
RGB: 0, 178, 226
Hex: #00B2E2
Pantone 2935 U
CMYK: 91, 67, 0, 1
RGB: 0, 7, 176
Hex: #0007B0
Pantone 233 U
CMYK: 12, 100, 0, 0
RGB: 222, 0, 128
Hex: #DE0080
Pantone 2612 U
CMYK: 70, 100, 0, 5
RGB: 132, 23, 129
Hex: #841781
Pantone 274 U
CMYK: 100, 100, 0, 32
RGB: 36, 25, 59
Hex: #24193B
Pantone 223 U
CMYK: 0, 40, 0, 0
RGB: 247, 163, 213
Hex: #F7A3D5
Pantone 166 U
CMYK: 2, 73, 99, 0
RGB: 237, 105, 36
Hex: #ED6924
Pantone 130 U
CMYK: 0, 47, 92, 0
RGB: 253, 154, 43
Hex: #FD9A2B
Pantone 1205 U
CMYK: 1, 10, 49, 0
RGB: 255, 239, 141
Hex: #FFEF8D

Neutral Colors

亚博足彩appThis neutral palette complements the rest of the SUSE primary and secondary colors. While the primary and secondary colors all have specific uses, the neutrals can be used anywhere but should not take precedence over the other colors.

CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 100
RGB: 0, 0, 0
Hex: #000000
CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 78
RGB: 95, 95, 95
Hex: #5F5F5F
CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 40
RGB: 167, 169, 172
Hex: #A7A9AC
CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 15
RGB: 220, 221, 222
CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 7
RGB: 237, 237, 237
CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 0
RGB: 255, 255, 255

ImageryBack to top


Photography used in any SUSE-branded communications should depict the world of business or technology as described in the three categories below.

  1. Environments
    Images that portray a literal or conceptual environment. These images will often serve as a textural backdrop to marketing pieces.
  2. Customer Spokespeople
    Crisp, clean portrait images that give a face to the people behind SUSE. This is the face with which we speak to our customers.
  3. Consumers / Customers
    Images that show SUSE customers working in their various industries.

To view available photographs and illustrations you can use in your marketing and sales efforts, .

Image Inquiry?
If you have questions about purchasing an image, contact


The following skin-textured shapes are design elements that can be incorporated into your design. These shapes can be sized large enough to include title-level messaging in them. Additional shapes may be added in the future.


Line Patterns

Use these line patterns to complement the skin-textured shapes above. These patterns can be used as backgrounds in your design to add visual interest. Where possible use the correlating shape and pattern together (i.e. cloud shape and cloud pattern).


Icon LibraryBack to top


亚博足彩appIcon use varies based on where you intend to place the icon. Icon libraries are available for each of the following: printed documents, electronic documents (such as presentations) and the web. You should primarily use SUSE Green, but you can use the other colors as needed.


亚博足彩appUse only approved icons from the library, as it contains the most current versions. Do not create your own icons.

Need a Specific Icon?
Request a custom icon
To request a custom icon contact

Program MarksBack to top

亚博足彩appSUSE program marks reinforce brand equity, giving the company consistency in the crowded marketplace. Use of SUSE program marks indicates the high standards and mission encapsulated in that product or service. The SUSE program marks artwork and sizing have a specific prescribed relationship. Do not modify the artwork in any way.

Request a custom icon
To request a program mark, please contact Scott Corfield at
Safe Area

A SUSE program mark must have clear space around it that is at least equal to the height of the chameleon in the SUSE logo. Always maintain a clear area, void of any imagery, surrounding the program mark.

Minimum Width Requirement

In order to preserve the readability of the type within each program mark, please maintain a minimum width of 1.0" when reducing the size of a program mark.

Incorrect Usage
  • Do not change the color of any part of the program mark.
  • Do not deviate from the established spacing or sizingrelationships.
  • Do not skew or stretch the program mark artwork.
  • Do not use retired SUSE program marks in place of,or in conjunction with, current program mark artwork.
  • Do not crop or delete portions of the program mark.
  • Do not change the program mark font or type style.